$10k in 2 Days

How I Launched My Course Stress Free & Made $10k in 2 Days

There's no reason you shouldn't be making at least $10,000 every month.

In my first year I made $10,000.

Last week I made $10,000 in 2 days.

If I've learned anything it's that your action, your knowledge, your skills, your mindset work - it all compounds.

However, most people are still stuck making very piddly amounts of money years into their business.

Why is that?

I've been in business almost 5 years now and I really see how the thing that's actually in your way of making the money that can give you an incredible amount of comfort and freedom is you.

Whether it's procrastination, not doing the work, making it more complicated than it needs to be or focusing on the wrong tasks. These are just a few of the things I see most entrepreneurs get caught up in day in and day out.

Let me be really clear.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

It doesn't have to be stressful.

It doesn't have to be this big grandiose thing.

You can make huge amounts of traction starting exactly where you are, if you know what to focus on.

In my $10k in 2 days training I show how easy you can make it

In this mini course I teach..

  • How I made $10k in 2 days with zero stress and total ease
  • What I did to create a buying list of 169 people
  • The emails and free content I created to promote the course
  • How I created real urgency to encourage students to purchase
  • The energy and mindset to be in to allow in the students and money with ease
  • How to not get attached to the results
  • How to receive guidance on your next course & launch

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Elise McDowell
Elise McDowell

Hi there! Iā€™m Elise McDowell, I'm a Speaker, Author, Podcaster and founder of House of Brazen. Since 2016 I've built a multiple 6-figure business with digital products and I help entrepreneurial women increase their income through mindset practices and sales strategy.